Monday, January 18, 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010

This morning I got an interesting phone call from the states on my cell phone. It was a member of the church calling on behalf of her boss and his company. They had rented helicopters and were planning to fly injured members of the church out of Haiti and bring them to the Dominican Republic. They were looking for a place to land close to the Haiti border to drop off the injured as well as refuel. She was hoping the Neyba chapel would be available for them to use. I told her that I was the branch president of Neyba but they would have to go through the Area Presidency in Santo Domingo for permission to use any of the churches recourses including the chapel.

Evidently the lady got a hold of President Almonte’s phone number and talked to him because 30 minutes later I got a call from Pres. Almonte telling me that I was not to allow anyone to use the chapel in Neyba without going through the Area Presidency. I assured Pres. Almonte that we were on the same page on this issue. Well, this afternoon I got a phone call from Elder Jones, the Exec. Sec. of the Caribbean Area to inform me that permission was granted by President Viñas to a group of US citizens to use our chapel in Neyba as a refueling depot for helicopters. They plan to park a large tanker truck full of aviation fuel in the parking lot of the chapel. I think the vacant lot next to the chapel is big enough to land a helicopter. It would be an interesting sight to see if they do land helicopters there. Or maybe they will use the town’s baseball field.

As Hna. Johnson and I were driving to Azua this afternoon a lot of phone calls were flying back and forth between Elder Jones and I as we worked on details of the new role of the Neyba chapel as a fuel depot. It’s great how much work we can do on the road thanks to cell phones. At least we got a lot done when I was close to a cell tower. When I lost the signal the call would be dropped but soon I would come into range of the next tower and we were on the phone again. It was a very interesting afternoon.

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