Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

It seems like every Monday is a blur and it’s hard to believe at the end of the day it was only one day but it is. Before we could leave Azua this morning we had to make 3 stops, two of them at the apartments of elders to pick up extra/spare mattresses to be taken back to the capital with us. Since there are so many new Elders and Hna’s in the mission now, every spare mattress has to be pulled out from under the Elders that used to enjoy having two. They will survive.

We had another cloud covered trip back the capital again this week. It was a great drive. We were back in the office and hard at it by 10:00. We were really busy in the office the rest of the day. It seems like we get as much done on Monday as we do on the other days of the week even though we have less time to get it all done.

Hna. Johnson was still very busy with the end of the year finances. As it turned out today was the last day entries and adjustments could be made in the mission’s books for last year. It was very tense for Hna. Johnson right up until 6:00pm which was the “drop dead” deadline. You should have seen Hna. Johnson flying through the papers, reports and vouchers. She was Faxing, e-mailing and transmitting right up to the last possible minute. Hna. Dayanara at Centro de Servicios was phoning with last minute instructions, adjustments and data with only minutes left. The last phone call between them was at 6:00pm sharp, “Did you get the file transmitted?” Hna. Johnson’s response, “it was uploaded 5 minutes ago”. “Good work Hna. Johnson!”

Late in the evening Elder Almonte, Elder Small and I went over to the president’s house. The Elders needed his signature on a half dozen documents and I had a half dozen questions for him. We also talked about the Branch in Duvergé. Pres. & Hna. Almonte were there yesterday to do temple recommend interviews. I was surprised to find out that while Pres. Almonte was there he called, sustained and set apart 4 of the men in Duvergé. Now I have two councilors: Tomas Moquete and Tuco Mendez. And the Branch now has a Sunday School Presidency: Alexis Mendez and Hector Mendez. I’m really excited!

The branch in Duvergé only needs 5 active and worthy Elders to be officially recognized as a branch instead of a “Dependent Group” under Neyba. So Pres. Almonte told me that there was another man, a less active member that has come out to church twice in the last two weeks. Pres. Almonte told me that if he comes out two more times in a row, I’m to ordain him a Priest. If he continues active for another month I’m to ordain him an Elder. President Almonte has the high expectation of turning the Duvergé “Dependent Group” into a real branch in a couple of months. Wow, that would be great. I’ve been given my marching orders; now let’s see if we can do it!

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