Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Today was one of those days when nothing seems to go right. To start with the AP’s had an emergency transfer this morning at 7:00 that started everything off wrong. New Years Eve also conspired against all of us in the office. President Almonte ordered all of the office vehicles parked by noon because of the crazy drivers. We couldn’t buy supplies we needed to purchase because most of the stores in the capital were closed. It meant wasted trips all over the place. Just about all of our plans didn’t work out or couldn’t be done for one reason or another.

Emergency transfers are usually a very bad thing. This emergency transfer was no exception to the rule. Elders that disobey mission rules are often pulled from their area the minute the Mission President gets word. Depending on the severity of the offence any number of disciplinary actions can be taken. Sometimes they are demoted to Jr. Companion and are reassigned the same day. These two Elders arrived at the mission office at 8:00am with all of their bags packed. I don’t know what they have done but the AP’s said they are both being sent home next Tuesday! Being sent home early, dishonorably released, is a very sad and tragic event. If only the missionaries would obey mission rules, these heartbreaking events could be avoided. I sincerely pray for the spiritual wellbeing of these two Elders.

On one of my runs to Centro de Servicio I passed a very unusual sight. There were street vendors lining the boulevard for a quarter of a mile. They were selling “Spit roasted” pigs. I’ve heard the veteran Elders talk about it. On holidays like New Years, Christmas, Independence Day, etc. they spend the night roasting whole pigs on a rotisserie or spit over an open fire. By early morning the venders are everywhere selling their pork by the pound, by the quarter, or the whole pig. The wonderful smell while driving by made me very hungry.

Tonight Hna. Johnson and I had no special plans for the New Year, so after scripture study we rented a movie, “Ever After”, stayed home, played games and listened to the gun fire outside our apartment all night.

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