Saturday, January 9, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

Today my first stop on my “Diligencias” was at the “Aduana”. It was the longest trip to the Aduana I’ve ever made. I was there for over two and a half hours before they finally pulled our mission’s packages. They told me it took so long because they had an unusually large volume of packages coming in. It was almost 3 hours before I got out of there. It put me way behind on the rest of my errands.

My next stop was at “Centro de Servicio”. I had to talk to Hno. Quimerio Fernandez about the Branch computer in Neyba. We haven’t been able to transmit our weekly reports to SLC for the past 3 weeks. He gave me a program disc to load the latest version of MLS 3.1.3. He thinks it will fix our problem and we will be able to transmit our weekly reports as well as our end of year reports.

It was interesting to watch Hno. Quimerio while I was in his office. He had to field a number of phone calls while I was there. He is the MLS expert for the whole Caribbean Area so these calls came in from other Islands. I was very interested to listen to him speak in Spanish to one call, English to another and French to the last one. As far as I could tell he was fluent in all three languages. He told me that he is still learning French, but you could have fooled me.

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