Monday, January 18, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

This morning we received training from Hna. Dayanara from Centro de Servicio. She brought with her the two office Elders from the Santo Domingo East Mission. They have been using IMOS in their mission for six months and are experts. They all came to our office so Hna. Johnson could be trained in all the IMOS financial tasks on her own computer and using real people, businesses and Duaños she will be paying. It was great. They did a wonderful job of training. Hna. Johnson feels like she can conquer the world now. Isn’t it great what a little one-on-one training can do for a person’s confidence and self esteem? Now she’s ready to tackle the financial world…. GO HNA. JOHNSON GO!

A few days ago a man came to the office and Elder Almonte answered the door bell. The man asked if he could harvest the coconuts from the palm trees in the mission office front yard. Elder Almonte told him no but it got him thinking. The coconuts ARE ripe and they DO need to be harvested…. So he shinnied up the tree himself and pulled down a large cluster of coconuts.

Elder Almonte borrowed Elder Staffs new souvenir machete and set about cutting them open. He is a native Dominican so he knew what he was doing. The one I got was completely full of coconut water (or milk) and it was delicious. I’ve never had one fresh off the tree before. It was very good.

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