Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Normally on Saturday our pickup is loaded with appliances, supplies and mail for the Elders & Hna.’s all over “El Campo” but today we had nothing to deliver. This is a rare occasion. There are two reasons. First this week was “translados” and all of the trainers and Zone leaders came into the capital and took their mail and supplies with them. Next, the pickup truck of the AP’s in El Campo got finished two days early so yesterday they made a special trip into the capital to pick it up. They took anything that remained for “El Campo” so there was nothing left. Hna. Johnson and I were shocked to get to Azua an hour and a half early this afternoon. That’s when we realized it was because we left at the same time we normally do put we made no stops along the way.

This evening we spent the night in Azua as usual. But this time Pres. & Hna. Almonte spent the night there too. We had a nice evening together. However we didn’t eat together because we each brought our own food. Hna. Johnson and I had baked Chicken but the Almonte’s cooked up something different. On their way through Neyba this afternoon they stopped at a local fish market and purchased crabs and lobsters. A lot of them! Neyba is right on the coast so the crab and lobster were still alive.

They shared some of their lobster and crab with us and it was very good. I couldn’t help but think how much my son Jared and grandson Ethan would have loved this lobster & crab feast. Mmmm Goood!

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