Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

This morning we awoke to rain and a thick layer of gray clouds. I must say it was beautiful. It rained all day and it was even cool. In the Duvergé chapel the power was off which usually means sweltering heat without any fans but today the temperature was actually pleasant during our Sunday meetings there. I guess there really is a winter in the Dominican Republic. We loved it.

This was the first Sunday of the New Year and the first Sunday that Duvergé’s meetings started at 10:00am instead of 4:00 in the afternoon. We were a little apprehensive about the change of time. We were afraid there would be poor attendance but our fears where never realized. In spite of the time change and a continual downpour we had 30 members and investigators at today’s meetings which is just about average.

Today was another one of those “Whirlwind” days for Hna. Johnson and I. We delivered refrigerators, mail and supplies all over “El Campo” as we drove to and from Duvergé. We attended our meetings, bore testimonies and conducted PEC in the Duvergé branch. Along the way we picked up old and broken refrigerators and washers as well as mattresses to be hauled back to the mission office in the capital. It was a very full day for “Shrek and Donkey.”

Transfers are next Tuesday so today we also stopped at two apartments to haul luggage for Elders that are being transferred. Since we are headed into the Capital and that is where the elders are headed on Monday, it makes sense to help out with their luggage. Besides when a missionary has to carry all of his luggage and a large fan on a “Caribe Tours” bus it can be very difficult.

In the town of Vicente Noble we picked up the luggage of Elder Grant. He’s a new Elder and has been trained by Elder Simmons since the last transfer. They were a great companionship but they will be saying their goodbye tomorrow as Elder Grant heads into the capital.

While we were there we heard that Elder Simmons was in the emergency room of the local hospital until after midnight last night getting stitches in the top of his head. He told the story of chasing a mosquito last night in their apartment and jumped up to kill it. However he forgot he was in the doorway where their sliding glass door is and smacked his head hard on the overhead aluminum rails that the door glides on. He said the deep gash and blood was very bad but not as bad as the massive head ache he has had all day. He is fine now but he has pictures and a funny story to tell now.

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