Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Today started with a meeting with President Almonte, Hna. Johnson & I, the AP’s and other 4 office Elders. Many items were on the agenda. Some were for the AP’s like missionary haircuts and what to do if they are not mission standard. I was given the assignment to download & install IMOS (Internet Mission Office System) so we could make the transition as soon as possible. I’ve been far too busy to even think about it for the past two weeks. But President told Elder Almonte and Elder Small to do all of my office work and errands for me so I could concentrate on IMOS.

This afternoon we made the transition to IMOS. All systems are up and most are running. There is a lot of work left to do but when it’s all done; our office work will be much easier. But not just our office work, everyone will benefit, from the office elders to the AP’s as well as Pres. Almonte. Since the system is internet based, it can be accessed by any of us if we have access to the internet. President Almonte’s laptop has wireless access to the internet everywhere he goes all over the mission. Now he will literally have access to the whole office and all of its resources right on his laptop. What a great tool.

Another big topic of discussion at this morning’s meeting was the mission budget overrun this year. Hna. Johnson has been digging through procedures and with the help of the financial accountant at Centro de Servicios she has found over a quarter of a million pesos. But we are still over our budget. She discovered an accounting error last week and Pres. Almonte was really happy about that but he thinks there is more. In fact he is sure there is at least a million pesos missing in the rent vouchers; all we have to do is find it. Hna. Johnson assured him that there couldn’t be that big of an error to find…. But she dug right into the problem. Maybe we’ll have a future report if she finds some misdirected cash See (Jan.6, 2010).

Well…. The Lord does answer prayers. Hna. Johnson was working on the mission books in an unrelated area from the rent vouchers after the meeting. And then it happened, inspiration came into her mind right out of the blue! Every month she sends rent vouchers to SLC for all of the “Electronic rent” we pay. Why isn’t she sending rent vouchers to SLC for the rents paid with computer generated checks? She researched it and in 5 months she hasn’t done it. That is what she was taught by her predecessor, Hna. Larson. Then she discovered that Hna. Larson’s predecessor, Hna. Gray, didn’t do it either! It should have been done put hasn’t been for years! There was the error in black and white just waiting to be discovered. A little quick addition concluded an error of over 1.1 million pesos in the mission’s favor. That is over 35 thousand in US dollars! Thanks to an inspired mission president, persistence and an answer to prayer the mission budget is in the black before the end of the year.

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