Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Transfer day in the mission is always very busy and this one was no exception. In fact it was worse than most. A lot of the trainers missed their buses coming in from “El Campo” which put a monkey wrench in the works. It caused huge delays for everyone. We had vehicle problems that contributed to the confusion. Two Elders had airline flights to catch 6 hours apart so that required two separate round trips to the airport. The round trip is about 40 miles and most of it is in terrible traffic. One Elder is still stuck back in the USA because his passport was lost. But, by the end of the day it was all done. All 19 missionaries made it to their new areas with their trainers. Supplies got were they were supposed to be so they all had a bed to sleep in tonight. Life is good!

Hna. Johnson and I were so busy we couldn’t even take a lunch. We did our usual 7:00am training at the “Transfer Chapel” with all the new Elders and Sisters. We took pictures, laminated each missionary’s ministerial card and their passport if they were coming from outside the DR. It is really fun for Hna. Johnson and I to see these eager young missionaries arrive from the “CCM” (Mission Training Center in Sto. Dgo.) They are full of enthusiasm for the work and they can’t wait to get into the mission field. They are all great!


All is not completely rosy in the mission. I mentioned back on Thurs. 31st of Dec. that there are those who continue to disobey mission rules and cause problems for themselves, the mission and the church. Today we had two Elders dishonorably released and sent home. Had they been obedient to the mission rules from the beginning this could have all been avoided. Mission rules are in place to help missionaries be safe, productive and honorable. Mission rules don’t hinder they protect, they don’t put limits on missionaries they expand their horizons. Mission rules don’t restrict freedom, they make a missionary completely free to sore to new heights. Rules don’t make missionaries sad; they provide complete joy in the work of the Lord. If only they had been obedient to the mission rules!

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