Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This morning when we arrived at the Mission office there were a dozen e-mail responses from the parents of missionaries thanking us for letting them know their son or daughter was safe. However we realize how devastated the people of Haiti are and the suffering they are going through now. The images on the internet and news programs are horrific. We are praying for them and their rescue from the terrible aftermath of the 7.0 earthquake.

Again this morning we have checked in with some of the Elders in Duvergé and other areas close to the Haiti border and there was no damage or injury. Most of the residents didn’t even feel anything when the earthquake happened. Duvergé is the closest town in our mission with missionaries to the earthquake epicenter. Hna. Johnson and I continued to receive phone calls all day from concerned parents that we didn’t have an e-mail address for. Many have asked what they can do for the people of Haiti. I have heard Hna. Johnson respond with the suggestion that they use a donations form at church and fill in the line “Humanitarian Aid.” I think we should all take her advice.

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