Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

This morning we went to the Temple to do an endowment session first thing in the morning. The sky was gray but it was a beautiful session. Tere brought her own proxy cards from home. We went through the session as proxies for her grandparents and great grandparents. It was a very special session. After the session we did the sealings for her ancestors. It was another very special experience. The sealer’s name is Hno. Fabio Melendez. As he said the words to the sealing ceremony he spoke very distinctly and clearly. His rich voice and animated delivery was wonderful. The spirit was very strong as we knelt around the alter of the temple.

Next we were off to the “Tienda del Templo” (Temple Store) to fill orders for the missionaries. We bought scriptures, hymn books, garments, etc. for the Elders and Hermanas of our mission. We enjoyed showing Jared & Tere all around the facilities.

We want Jared and Tere to experience real Dominican food that the Elders eat. Elder Thorup told us about a very small “Comedor” (Eatery or Small Cafeteria) a few blocks from the mission office. So for lunch we ordered carry out that was all Dominican. We had rice with beans, baked Yucca root, pork in a wonderful tomato sauce & roasted drum sticks covered in a sautéed mushroom sauce. Jared & Tere loved it, so did Hna. Johnson and I. It was Mmmm Goood!

Today we had a little work to do for the office. After lunch Jared and I were off to Citi Bank to pick up checks and the mission office petty cash. Hna. Johnson had a few things to do in the office but when we finished we were off to “Tres Ojos” (Three Eyes) here in the capital. It was the second time for Hna. Johnson and I to visit the caves.

The “Tres Ojos” are a very interesting attraction. An ancient underground river has carved caves out of solid limestone. Three very large caverns had their roofs cave in some time in the ancient past. This left three crystal clear lakes at the bottoms of three very large opening to the outside. The tree large lakes are connected by passageways/caves full of stalactites and stalagmites. It is really quite interesting.

We got to the caves just as it started to rain. However since most of the trails inside the caves are deep underground we stayed dry. We did have our umbrellas with us when we had to walk along the paths that were exposed to the outside.

Our next stop was for dinner at the Dominican Fiesta Hotel’s buffet. And talk about great Dominican food! The salads, fruit and sides were toooo good. We had our choice of steak, sea food, ham and chicken or all of the above. There is so much great food we found it hard to stop eating. I personally had 5 desserts!

Our last stop of the day was at President Almonte’s home. We delivered the new laptop computer I ordered from Costco for Pres. Almonte. Jared and Tere brought it with them from the states. Computers are much more expense to purchase here than in the states and Pres. Almonte really needed a new one. He was really delighted with it. We had a nice visit with him and Hna. Almonte.

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