Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yesterday’s “Prize Fight” resumed this morning between Hna. Johnson “The Babe” and the Heavy Weight contender “IMOS”. Late this afternoon the judges revealed their score cards and we have a winner by unanimous decision. “The winner and still heavy weight champion, “The Babe, Hna. Johnson”. This is how the reporter saw today’s fight:
This morning’s rounds were no contest as “The Babe” went toe to toe with “IMOS”. Her agility and dazzling footwork were no match for the contender, dipping and bobbing she danced circles around IMOS. Unlike yesterday, she was never backed into a corner. From the opening bell of the bout she was on the offensive and never let up all day. In the opinion of this reporter IMOS never had a chance. With sheer determination and a lot of heart Hna. Johnson “The Babe” won the fight in the mission office. She is a champion in every respect, able and willing to take on all contenders.

This afternoon Elder Thorup and his companion Elder Ortiz went with me to Price Smart to transfer ownership of the mission’s account and buy food for some of the missionaries that placed orders. The change of ownership of the account was necessary because it was still in the names of the two Elders that opened the mission’s account early in 2009, Elder Zack Baldwin and Elder Jeffrey Durfee. Ever since those two elders left the mission office last year we’ve continued to use their membership cards but last week the business office manager informed us that we would have to change ownership and have new cards issued. There was no charge for the change over which was fast and easy.

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