Friday, July 2, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Today was a real fight for Hna. Johnson with the office computer system. Internet outages and IMOS shutdowns in SLC conspired against her. IMOS (Internet Mission Office System)was acting strangely all day and by the end of the day IMOS destroyed several hours of her work. It is gone, completely unretrievable. This is end of the month rent and other financial stuff that can’t be put off, it’s critical. The following paragraph is how the ringside reporter described the fight:
Today in the Mission Office Hna. Johnson (The Babe) was in a “knock-down, drag-out” fight with the heavy weight contender “IMOS”. By 5:30 this afternoon the gloves were off and the fighting was hand to hand! OH THE HUMANITY! At 5:45 the referee suspended the fighting. Hna. Johnson won all of the rounds on the judges’ score cards in the morning but IMOS came on strong and won in the afternoon. Hna. Johnson was beaten and bloodied but she will survive to carry on the fight tomorrow morning.

This evening we were off to FHE with the other Senior couples. Tonight the lesson was presented by Elder Michael & Hna. Lorna Francom, the Humanitarian Missionaries. They spotlighted their efforts in the church’s humanitarian efforts here in the Dominican Republic. They showed three videos and a slide show presentation that spotlighted the Francoms work with supplying wheel chairs & prosthesis for the handicapped, medical equipment for doctors that treat the poor & indigent, safe drinking water and clothing for orphans.
To watch the video of “Rique’s New Wheelchair” click here (or paste the address into your web brouser):
And for “Mayerlinth’s Mobility” click:

If anyone wonders if there is any way to make a difference in the lives of the needy or if a senior wonders if they will make a difference if they go on a mission, they need to see these videos and slide show presentations the Francoms shared with us tonight. It is wonderful what senior couples and the churches Humanitarian Services are doing here in the Dominican Republic as well as around the world. It was a great FHE.

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