Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010 (Jared & Tere Arrive)

Today was a light day of work at the office. In anticipation of the arrival of Jared and Tere this evening Hna. Johnson and I got all of our usual Thursday work done days ago. My only errand was to “Centro de Servicio” where I exchanged our blue Toyota Corolla for a Honda Minivan. When a senior couple has relatives come to visit they are allowed to exchange their small sedan for larger vans to accommodate everyone better. The Area car pool manager is Hno. Angel Cordero. He did a great job for us, the Honda Minivan he gave us is much nicer than we had hoped, it is perfect.

This afternoon we had a little extra time so we were off to the nursery again to buy more plants for our apartment. We tried a new nursery that is closer to our apartment but is more difficult to get to because of all of the construction on the “27 de Febrero” one of the three major east west thoroughfares in the capital. We liked this nursery a lot; they had a very large selection. This time we bought mostly blooming plants to brighten our home.

At 5:00pm we received a phone call from Jared and Tere, their flight was delayed an hour. Oh well, we can wait a little longer for them to get here.

Hna. Johnson and I were at the airport at 8:15 to pick up our son and daughter-in-law but they were another hour and a half late getting out of the airport. But that’s OK, we are glad they are here. It was a grand reunion in the airport.

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