Friday, July 2, 2010

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our P-day was very busy for Hna. Johnson and I. On our way to the “Colonial Zone” we stopped at one of the blowholes along the “Malecon”. The ocean waves were particularly heavy today, probably 15 foot swells. This made for some particularly spectacular spouts by the blowhole. Although I have no accurate way to measure their height, some of the spouts may have been 80 feet above the ocean’s surface. They were really awesome.

We wanted to revisit the “Colonial Zone” in old town Santo Domingo to do some shopping for items we’ve not been able to find anywhere. There is a particularly large sporting goods store there I hoped would have “Water Socks” to use in the ocean. Unfortunately they didn’t have them there either. I’ll just have to keep looking.

While at the colonial Zone we did enjoy ourselves and did the tourist thing again. We toured the “Santo Domingo Cathedral”. We also took a tour of the museum “Casas Reales”. This was our first time to see this museum and we enjoyed all of the history and artifacts they had on display there. The admission fee was only $1.50USD each. However our personal guide cost $10.00. We could have done the tour without him but his wealth of knowledge was worth the extra expense.

Next we did our weekly shopping at our neighborhood grocery store, “Bravo”. We then headed out to two other very large department stores, La Serena & Plaza Lama to do more shopping. We found just about everything we needed. We bought a table cloth, chair cushions, silk flowers, clothes, etc. Hna. Johnson also bought bubbles, puzzles and coloring books for the Primary kids. At La Serena I even found the water socks I was looking for.

Next we were off to dinner with three other senior couples. They were Marsha & Dr. Kilgores (Doctor for the Caribbean Area) Highland, Ut., George & Kathleen Berkley (Records Preservation Missionaries) Brigham City, UT. and Jim & Judy Bowcut (Temple Missionaries) Ogden, UT. We had s wonderful meal at “The Outback Restaurant” at the Acropolis Mall. Yes, Santo Domingo does have “Outback Restaurants”, the food, conversation and company was great!

After our dinner we all went together to see “Toy Story 3” at “Caribbean Cinemas” in the Acropolis mall. The movie was very good; we enjoyed it a lot, especially since it was in English with Spanish subtitles.

Our shopping wasn’t done yet, Hna Johnson still needed one ingredient for her world famous enchiladas she is going to make for the Office Elders when they come over for dinner tomorrow. On our way home after the movie we stopped at “National” grocery store. This was our last chance to find Hna. Johnson’s enchilada sauce, without it tomorrow’s menu was going to change to meatloaf! We were desperate, this was the 4th and final grocery story we tried today. Good news, we will be having enchiladas tomorrow!

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