Sunday, July 11, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

This week has been rough on the office Elders. Elder Thorup has been taking phone calls from angry “Dueños” (Landlords) by the dozen every day. Many of them haven’t received their June rent which was due last Monday, July 5th. It’s another one of the IMOS moments when nothing seems to go right. Hna. Johnson and Elder Thorup have been working very hard with Hna. Dayanara at “Centro de Servicio” to resolve the problems.

Elder Thorup is very good dealing with angry Dueños on the phone. He is very patient and explains to them in a very calm manner that they will get paid. We aren’t trying to cheat them but there are computer problems that must be worked out. His calm demeanor has soothed a lot of ruffled feathers. But smooth talk can only go so far. Today it was decided that the last two unpaid Dueños had to be paid somehow and today; so he and his companion Elder Ortiz delivered envelopes full of cash to them. This finally puts to rest the last of the rent payments. Hopefully next month will go much smoother.

I spent my morning doing my usual Friday “Diligencias” (Errands) for the office. I went to Centro de Servicio for 28 cases of pamphlets. The mission office was completely out. It’s amazing how fast the missionaries go through them. Actually it is a tribute to the hard work of all of the missionaries in this mission. They are all very busy teaching the gospel and the pamphlets are a very necessary part of their work.

When I got back to the office I got help from the office elders to help me unload my blue Corolla. It was really weighed down with cases of pamphlets. I’m sure glad the Elders helped unload them, I wouldn’t have been able to carry all of those heavy boxes up two flights of stairs into the mission office storage room.

When I was in “Centro de Servicio” I said hello to Bro. Lilly, he is the Director of Welfare for the Caribbean Area. I noticed a very interesting picture hanging on his wall. He said it represents the work of the Lord and how hard we must pull to do our part. The caption below the pictures says:
“All four feet are off the ground! Elder Matthew Cowley had the original photograph of this horse for many years, having found it on his first mission to New Zealand about 1918.

While he served as a member of the Twelve, the picture hung in his office. About a week before he passed away he gave it to me and it has hung in my office ever since.

Elder Glen L. Rudd”

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