Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

“IMOS” (Internet Mission Office System) has reared its ugly head again! Just when we thought we had things under control we find out that we have no control at all! We found out last Monday that Pres. Almonte couldn’t log on to IMOS to approve Hna. Johnson’s reimbursements to missionaries and her petty cash request. Without these approvals the mission can’t function financially. The mission ran out of cash last Friday, we were counting on these approvals.

Since Monday we’ve been trying to get Pres. Almonte’s user name and password to work but they won’t. He has sent repeated requests for a new password but he hasn’t heard back from tech support in SLC. Now it’s Wednesday and tonight is the last window of opportunity for these approvals to be made or we will have to wait another week without funding for the mission. By this afternoon we were in a state of crisis!

Decisive action had to be taken. The AP’s and I were with Pres. Almonte in his home office this morning. We were on his computer and on the phone with SLC. We found out that the problem was literally church wide. Yes, it was IMOS! There were so many “Work Tickets” to respond to that tech support in SLC told us that it would take them all day before they got to our work ticket.

At 5:30 this evening (and not a minute too soon) the problems were solved. Approvals were made and maybe now things will get back to normal. Tech support explained to me what happened. Somehow IMOS reset the release dates for a lot of the mission presidents worldwide. Pres. Almonte will be released next year on July 1, 2011. However IMOS changed the date to 2010 and completely cancelled his IMOS account and permissions effective last week! Computers are wonderful tools when they work correctly but when they don’t they can sure cause a lot of consternation.

The little park in front of our apartment complex has been lush with vegetation since the rainy season started in May. In fact it’s too lush. The grass hasn’t been mowed since last fall! In some places it’s over a foot tall. We were thinking that maybe our little park had been forgotten but today the grounds crew arrived. They don’t use lawn mowers here; this crew had 4 men with “Weed Eaters” and 5 women with rakes.

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