Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wow, where did June go? July is upon us and we are looking forward to our Anniversary month with a great deal of satisfaction. On the 13th of July we will have been on our mission for a full year. Wow, where has the time gone?! Another reason to look forward to July is that our son Jared and his wife Tere will be coming down to visit us in two weeks. We can’t wait.

The office is busy as usual. Hna. Johnson has already been inputting arriving missionary’s data into the office computers that won’t get here until December. Can you believe it, December? In the past two days Hna. Johnson has received the paper work for a couple dozen new arrivals. Half will get here in October and the rest in December. In December Hna. Johnson and I will only have a month left to serve on our mission.

I was on the road a lot with my usual Thursday “Diligencias” (Errands). This morning I picked up 6 packages at the Aduana for our missionaries. While I was there I also mailed all of the mission mail. The capital’s main Post Office shares the same building. I also mailed a package for Elder Robert Smith to his parents in Pennsylvania. This was my first package to the US I’ve put in the Dominican mail system. It was sent by the “EMS” which is the Dominican equivalent of “Express Mail”. It weighed a little under 4 kilos and cost $1400.00 DRPesos ($38.75USD). It was interesting to me to note that these prices are right in line with the postage prices the parents are paying in the states to send packages here in the DR.

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