Sunday, July 4, 2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010

We were off early to the Juan Dolio Beach this morning. The drive takes an hour but we know the road well now. Hna. Johnson and I were very successful finding lots of pretty sea shells. We really enjoy having P-days now so we can go do fun stuff like going to the beach. I not only found a lot of sea shells with the new “Mining Tool” I built but I also got to do some snorkeling around the reef. The water was clear and even though it was a little bit rough the snorkeling was great.

Today we chose a spot further to the east on the Juan Dolio Beach. We walked about a quarter of a mile to get to a spot that the Hendricks told us about. Pres. Thomas Hendricks is the “CCM” (MTC) President. He and his wife, Hna. Susan Hendricks, only get two days off from work at the CCM every 6 weeks. On “Translado” (Transfer Day) they send off all of the missionaries in the CCM. The next batch of missionaries don’t arrive from the states for two days so the Hendricks take the opportunity to go to a resort if they can. Their favorite resort is the “Barcelo” at Juan Dolio Beach, the very same place we go for mining sea shells.

Last Traslados the Hendricks took a stroll down the beach and discovered a gold mine of shells about a quarter mile to the east. When Hna. Johnson and I took that “Stroll” we discovered that to walking that far in soft sand loaded down with buckets full of mining equipment was no stroll. When we got to the spot it seemed like we’d walked two miles. I figured we got our exercise today for sure.

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