Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010 (Hna. Johnson’s Birthday)

Today is Hna. Johnson’s birthday. I’m forbidden to mention her age but that doesn’t matter to me. When I look at her I still see my high school sweetheart… I always have… always will. It’s the truth, I look at others getting old all around us and I wonder why we’re not getting old too. I still think we are in high school.

Yesterday I had flu symptoms and today Hna. Johnson celebrated her birthday with cold symptoms, sneezing, congestion and a splitting headache. We returned to work after lunch but Hna. Johnson didn’t last very long. I took her home to rest and take medicine. She was feeling better by the end of the evening. But it wasn’t a fun birthday for her.

We had planned to go out for dinner to celebrate Hna. Johnson’s birthday but that wasn’t possible. I asked her what I could fix her for dinner and she requested her favorite Sunday lunch, cheese omelets with sausage. She has always loved my omelets. After dinner she was feeling better so she baked herself a birthday cake. Hna. Johnson and I had a piece but the rest will go to the Elders in the office tomorrow.

Another real bright spot for the day was the e-mail Hna. Johnson received for her birthday from her son Dan, his wife Mindy and their children. It had a great letter with all of the updates of the family. Attached were several pictures of their vacation to Yellowstone. Hna. Johnson loved the letter and pictures.

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