Friday, July 2, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

This morning I had an interesting experience during Sunday School in the Los Arroyos Branch. Right after Sacrament meeting the Branch Secretary, Bro. Jean Pierson Joseph, approached me and asked if I would help him. He said he has applied for a job with “Codetel” the Dominican Republic’s giant telephone company as a telephone tech support agent. He has an interview with the company tomorrow morning. All tech support agent must be able to answer questions in English. He said he needs my help because the interview will be all in English. Bro. Joseph is from Haiti and he is fluent in Creolle, French and Spanish. He has a working knowledge of English and can carry on an English conversation pretty well.

Conducting interviews with applicants for employment is something I’ve done a lot. Bro. Joseph and I didn’t attend our Sunday School class so we could hold a mock interview. It was a pleasure for me to help him out. I helped him with his vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. He also wanted to practice giving the answers to tough questions the interviewer would ask. I think I played my part very well. Bro. Joseph did a very good job answering my questions. I would have hired him.

This afternoon Hna. Johnson and I had the two office Elders and the two AP’s over for dinner after church. Last week she asked the Elders what they would like to eat. Elder Key’s said that he hadn’t had Mexican food in forever and he requested Enchiladas. Hna. Johnson was glad to oblige him; she makes a very good “Enchilada Stack”. We also had chips with 4 different kinds of dip, a fruit platter, tossed salad and lemonade. It was a wonderful Sunday dinner. Everyone loved it.

The only Dominican of the four was Elder Ortiz. He got to choose dessert. He asked for brownies with ice cream. Ya, he’s my kind of Elder. Mmm Goood.

This evening we got to talk on the webcam again. This time with Nathan and his family as well as Jacob and his kids.

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