Thursday, July 15, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Today Hna. Johnson received another birthday card. It was late only because it came in from the “South” in the mission mail system. Elder Almonte, our good friend who we worked with in the office for many months sent it to her. The card was all hand written, handmade and hand pasted. It was very creative, she loved it.

Elder Arreola has been transferred into the office for a week to rest and recover. He has been sick since last winter. He has been to the doctor many times but they haven’t been helping him much. He told me that he was diagnosed with two different parasites but the medicine hasn’t completely gotten him well. Last week tested showed large sores in his colon caused by the parasites. There are a couple more Elders that are being treated for similar symptoms. Our prayers are with all of them.

This evening we were at FHE with all of the senior missionaries at the “Casa”. Elder and Hna. Roberts gave the lesson which was a slide show history of their mission so far. Their mission calling is to preside over all of the church’s Perpetual Education Fund “PEF” for the Caribbean Area. It’s a big job but a very important job.

Most of the missionaries from the Dominican Republic (half of our missionaries are from the DR) come from homes that can’t afford food much less support a missionary. They are able to serve because all of their funding comes from the church’s general mission fund that so many of us donate to when we pay our tithing and F.O. When they return home many of them return to abject poverty. Without an education they have no hope of getting out of the cycle of poverty. The church’s PEF is making a huge difference in their lives. The Elder & Hna. Roberts are making a huge difference in the lives of not only Dominicans but returned missionaries all over the Caribbean.

Another assignment the Roberts have is in the Temple. Twice a week they are Temple workers. They gave us an interesting statistic about temple attendance on the biggest national holiday in the DR. It is their independence day celebrated on February 27th. All stores are closed; banks and all government offices are closed. Most Dominicans are on a three day drinking spree! But not the Latter-day Saint here, they attend the Temple by the bus load! Last February 27th there were 2713 ordinances performed in the Santo Domingo Temple, a new one day record. The faithful saints here are just that, “Faithful”.

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