Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our second full day with our son Jared & his wife Tere started with an hour drive to Juan Dolio Beach. On the way there we couldn’t resist the beautiful “Caribbean Blue” of the ocean as we drove along the Avenida Las Americas. The ocean, waves, coastline and cliffs were picturesque and the resulting photographs were stunning.

We had a great time at the beach this morning. However we didn’t find many pretty sea shells like we have in the past, in fact we found almost none. Hna. Johnson stayed on the beach while Jared, Tere and I went snorkeling.

I was anxious to try out my new water proof camera bag for taking underwater pictures. After I drowned and ruined my good camera 2 months ago I decided to order this special underwater camera case and have Jared and Tere bring it down to the DR with them. I am delighted with the results. It works like a charm and it allows my camera to takes wonderful pictures under water.

Jared and I decided to check out the coral reef that was about 200 yards from the shore. At high tide the reef would be submerged and the ocean floor would be 12 to 15 feet from the surface. But this morning the tide was very low. Much of the reef was exposed and the ocean floor was very easy for us to reach.

The low tide made exploring the reef perfect. Jared and I stayed out for about an hour and found all sorts of fun marine life. We found and photographed a star fish, spiny anemone, fan coral and lots of beautiful tropical fish.

We left the beach at noon and headed over to “El Masón Restaurant” which is right across the street from the beach. We ate our lunch there and thoroughly enjoyed the food. This is one of Hna. Johnson and my favorite restaurants and we really wanted Jared & Tere to have a chance to eat here before their vacation was over.

We headed back to the capital in a constant rain. In fact it rained the rest of the day. After cleaning up and packing we were off to the Mission Office to collect the missionary’s mail for our trip this evening to Barahona.

We had one of those “Tender Mercy” moments as we drove through Bani. We had hoped to stop at the Zone Leaders in Bani but unfortunately their phone was out of order and we had no way of contacting them. The Zone leader is our good friend Elder Mesidor. We haven’t seen him since he had to return home to Haiti to have his Visa renewed. He had to stay there for a couple of months waiting for all of the red tape to be sorted out. When he finally did return to the mission we didn’t get to see him before he went out to Bani to be the Zone Leader. Of all the mail stops on our way to Barahona Hna. Johnson wanted to make the most, this was the one.

The “Tender Mercy” happened as we drove through Bani. Hna. Johnson was really disappointed that we were not going to visit Elder Mesidor. But as we drove through the town Jared was getting a little low on his blood sugar and asked if we could stop at a store for a 7-up. We stopped and made the purchase and who should come around the corner. It was Elder Mesidor and his companion on their way to an appointment. It was a wonderful reunion for Hna. Johnson, she considers Elder Mesidor to be one of her sons. The Lord truly blessed us today. If Jared hadn’t been sick and if we hadn’t stopped at that one store we wouldn’t have met up with Elder Mesidor. It wasn’t a real big miracle, but it was a miracle none the less.

In Azua we stopped at “La Esquinita” restaurant for dinner. This is the little hamburger shop that has the best hamburgers in the world! This was another of the restaurants that we wanted to take Jared & Tere to during their stay in the Dominican Republic. Once again we were not disappointed with the food. Time after time they prepare the best hamburger in the world!

We arrived in Bararhona after dark and checked into our hotel “La Costa Larimar”. We had a big and busy day today and we were very happy to get a good night’s sleep.

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