Sunday, August 1, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

Today we had the a few Elders from two capital Zones, Las Caobas and Las Palmas, in the office for interviews and physicals. These mass interviews with the President are becoming less and less frequent as the new guidelines for interviews with the Mission President are put into place. Soon all of the interviews will be done with the Mission President actually going to the house of the missionary companionship and having the interview there. He will also do a house inspection and go on slits with the missionaries.

Hna. Almonte was in the office too. She was giving the Elders their physicals, weighing them, taking blood pressure, etc. Hna. Johnson and I got on the scale for Hna. Almonte too. Our weight was exactly the same as last time. In fact we haven’t gained or lost in months. The real looser is President Almonte. He’s been on a diet since last winter and he has lost over 30 pounds. He is really looking good.

This evening we went out to eat with fifteen other seniors. Our outing was organized by Elder Jim Bowcut (Ogden, UT), counselor in the Temple Presidency. He plans a lot of the outing for the Seniors in the capital. He has planned some great activities for us.

We went to a restaurant named “El Conuco” (Little farm or small property) not far from the “Casa de Huespedes” (Temple Accommodation Center) where most of the Seniors live. The restaurant, its food, decor, atmosphere and music was 100% Dominican. The food and everything else was great.

After our meal the staff put on a show for us. It wasn’t on a stage but in the dining area right in front of our table. The dances and performances were great. Some of the dances were unbelievable like the dances on the Whisky bottle and the “Spinning Top Dance”. I never knew a dancer could spin that fast. You would have to see the video to believe it.

The female dancers took several of us men from our seats and danced “Merengue” with us. Elder George Berkley, Curtis Johnson, DeLoy Roberts and I were all dancing. It was fun but a lot of work, when it was over I was sweating and tired. The wives took lots of pictures; I think they liked watching their husbands make fools of themselves.

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