Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010 (Dan’s Birthday)

We had the office Elders over for dinner again today. At least once a transfer Hna. Johnson and I like to feed all of the Elders that we work with. This time we desided to have our Sunday dinner with them the Sunday after transfers because Elder Bates is going home a week from Tuesday and this was the only Sunday this transfer we would be available.

The American Elders love eating Sunday dinner at our house. The menu for today’s meal was all American food as usual. Hna. Johnson fixed BBQ’d beef, potato salad, corn on the cob plus fruit and veggies then she topped off the evening with hot apple cobbler with lots of vanilla ice cream melting on top! Wow, it was good; it makes me hungry all over again just thinking about it. Even Elder Ortiz and Elder Bussatti enjoyed the American food even though they are not from the US.

While they were here Elder Thorup and Elder Keys bought six of the “Conde Bags” that we bought yesterday. There are lots of Elders that want them. They are a big hit.

Today is our son, Dan Johnson’s birthday. We phoned him this evening (8:00pm DR time, 5:00 AZ time) and had a nice long talk. He doesn’t have a Webcam put a phone is a good substitute. Our daughter-in-law was taking a nap so we didn’t get to talk to her but we did get to talk to Delaney, our 4 year old granddaughter. She talked and talked about everything; their summer vacation to Yellowstone, going to pre-school next week, etc. We love our sons and their wives and children very much. We really enjoy getting to talk to them as often as we do.

Dan is an accountant and he is one of our great supporters while we are on our mission. He is handling all of our financial affairs for the year and a half we are gone. He pays our bills, tracks our income and expenses, balances the check book, sees that our taxes get paid on time and does our tax returns. He and his family are a tremendous blessing to Hna. Johnson and I. We wouldn’t be able to be here serving a mission if it weren’t for the hard work Dan puts in for us. Dan’s time is very valuable because of his responsibilities at his work and at home so we really appreciate his wife and the support she give him so he can put in the time necessary for us.

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