Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

This morning I got an interesting phone call from a frantic teller at Citi Bank. Yesterday when I went to pick up the mission office’s petty cash they gave me $2000.00DRpesos too much! I didn’t notice the error so this morning Hna. Johnson counted our petty cash and we were exactly $2000 over. When I went back to the bank this morning the teller was sure glad to see me. This has never happened before. All of the tellers count and recount the cash three times. Amazing.

Not all “Emergency Transfers” are bad. Every time missionaries go home in between regular “Traslados” it necessitates “Special Transfers”. So today the AP’s spent all their time shuffling Elders around to their new areas.

Yesterday Hna. Johnson was asked to make arrangements of flowers by the CES Senior couple, Elder & Hna. Finlayson, the their institute program today. Hna. Johnson really loves the opportunity to design flowers.

The big wrought iron gate in front of the mission office broke today. I called Hno. Veliz at Centro de Servicio and he sent a crew right over to fix the problem. With the gate broken we couldn’t park any of the mission vehicles inside so I was really glad the repairmen got here and fixed the gate so quick. It’s a shame we have to have a huge iron gate to keep the bad guys out. We’ve had our pickup trucks broken into by thieves and everything stolen out of them while they’ve been parked right in front of the office.

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