Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

This morning was Branch Conference in the Los Arroyos branch we attend each Sunday. This morning the Stake Presidency attended our block of meetings as well as many other stake leaders and auxiliary heads. Plus we had a very good attendance of our own branch members. Hno. Pierson Joseph, Branch secretary said that we had 127 in attendance at Sacrament meeting. I’ve never seen the chapel so full before. It was a very good meeting too. The Branch Pres. and the Stake Presidency all spoke.

Normally I attend Sunday School while Hna. Johnson is in the Primary Nursery. But today when I went to Sunday School attendance was so good there were no seats left. I ended up helping Hna. Johnson in the nursery for the hour until Priesthood meeting started. It was really fun too. The kids really love Hna. Johnson.

The Primary President, Hna. Vicioso, told me that her 2 year old daughter cried last week because Hna. Johnson wasn’t in the nursery. She kept crying and asking “Where is Hna. Johnson”. Ya, the nursery children love Hna. Johnson.

This morning on our way to attend our Sunday services at the Los Arroyos branch we had a very close call on the road. At the round-about at the “Plaza de la Bandera” we were stopped at a red light in the right hand lane. When the light turned green we started into the intersection when Hna. Johnson saw a car attempt to run the red light. He was coming very fast right at Hna. Johnson’ door. She screamed, he slammed on the brakes and skidded to a stop without hitting us. Hna. Johnson was very mad at the other driver; she pounded on the car door window and shook her fist at him. It was a very close call.

In the Dominican Republic there are the usual colors of the rainbow but they have a new and different color that most other countries don’t have. I call the new color “Dominican Green”. To most of us it looks a lot like the red in a traffic light, but it’s not, it’s “Dominican Green”. You’d be surprised how many times a day I come to a stop at a red traffic light but cars just keep on going through as if the light were green. Well, it is green, “Dominican Green” that is.

Every morning before Hna. Johnson and I leave our apartment we kneel in prayer. Among other things we ask our Heavenly Father to protect us and watch over us during our travels. This morning after the close call with the speeding car I recognized another one of Heavenly Father’s “Tender Mercies” as he kept us safe from harm on the way to church. It was a small miracle but a miracle none the less that we weren’t in a serious traffic accident today.

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