Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

This morning we were off to Juan Dolio Beach again. We really enjoy going to the beach to hunt for sea shells on our p-day. It seems we come home with a new treasure each time we go to the beach. And today I found another gem of a shell, well actually two.

Today we had the fortune of very good timing at the beach. First, the ocean was dead calm, no breeze and no waves. Second, this morning we arrived an hour before the absolute lowest tide and we stayed at the beach until an hour and a half after the lowest tide. The conditions were perfect for hunting for sea shells. But the part I really liked was the snorkeling at low tide in a perfectly calm ocean. The reef was exposed and I snorkeled out beyond the reef about 200 yards and the water was still only six feet deep. The reef was beautiful, the fish were beautiful and the pictures turned out very good because it was a sunny day.

On our way back from the beach we stopped off at the “Yellow Steps” store and dropped in to Freddy’s Gift Shop. Last week I dropped off my High School graduation ring I’ve been wearing for the past 42 years. It is very warn and it was showing its age. The school crest, all the words and all the numbers were worn away. I decided to replace the imitation stone (glass) in the center with a real gem. As a souvenir of our mission in the Dominican Republic I chose a “Larimar” stone for my ring. (See: Larimar Gemstone- Wikipedia) “Larimar” can only be found I one place on the planet and that is here in the DR within our mission boundaries. Freddy had his jeweler do the work. The ring turned out beautiful. I am very pleased with my New: “Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Mission Ring”. The total price was very cheap too, only $300.00DRpesos or about $8.50USD.

Elder Conner Ruggio is back in the DR. (See: Thursday, August 27, 2009) He was the AP when Hna. Johnson and I first arrived here. He is traveling with a former missionary to the DR as well as a former missionary to Chile. Also in their group is Conner’s girlfriend Haley. Their arrival was not without some difficulty. The airline has lost all of Haley’s luggage. He has been on the phone with the airlines most of the afternoon. He may be calling us back later if they need a ride to the clothing store for Haley to buy a new wardrobe.

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