Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

This morning early we were off to the Beach for our P-day activity. Today’s low tide was at its lowest this morning at 8:00am and we wanted to be there for it. Snorkeling for sea shells is much easier and more productive at low tide. The reef is exposed and the water depth all the way out to it is only 3 to 5 feet deep. At high tide I’d have to dive down 10 feet or more to find shells and take pictures of reef fish.

While I was out snorkeling by the reef I came across a lot of beautiful reef fish. My underwater camera bag allowed me to take some nice pictures of them. The sun was shining so they were even better than the pictures I took when Jared and Tere were here visiting.

I also used the wire screen to sift through the sand to find shells. By the end of the morning Hna. Johnson had a whole bucketful of beautiful sea shells. We have quite a nice collection since we’ve been collecting them for the past couple of months. Hna. Johnson plans to use them to make Christmas decorations while we are still here in the DR. She also plans to ship most of them home so she can do crafts with them with her grandkids.

Two other Senior couples were at the beach with us today. The Whitakers are the Senior couple in the office of the East Mission. They’ve been going to the beach and collecting shells for two years. The Berkley’s are the Records Preservation missionaries for the Area. They’ve caught the shell collecting bug too.

On our way home from the beach Hna. Johnson and I stopped at the “Mega Mall” we went to last Saturday. The “Conde Bags” be bought last week for the Elders have almost all been snatched up so it was time to get some more. The Elders really like them.

This afternoon I got a call from Dehika Mendez, she and her family needed a ride. Her husband, Alexis has been in a Santo Domingo clinic and then the hospital for the past week. They’ve finished all of the tests so Alexis has been discharged from the hospital and they will be going home to Duvergé tomorrow. This afternoon they stopped by President Almonte’s home to pick up a check to help him pay for the very expensive medication he is on.

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