Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hna. Johnson did it again. She made a large pan of “Blondies” with chocolate chips for her sons (The office Elders) again today. Of course I had a couple and they sure were good. The Capital AP’s weren’t in the office when I took the pictures but they walked in a few minutes later and had a couple pieces of the Blondies too. At the moment in the office we have the office Elders as a threesome until Elder Arreola’s toe heals enough to go back to his area. And the Capital AP’s are also a threesome until Elder Bates goes home on Tuesday.

Elder Arreola had his toe operated on last Friday. Yesterday he had his shoe back on and was out “contacting” with the other office Elders. His companion, Elder Thorup, said he was working and contacting like nothing was wrong with his toe. He said, “He got his first rejection yesterday (first since his surgery).

In preparation for his departure on Wednesday Elder Bates asked me if he could have a copy of all of my mission pictures in my laptop computer. I asked him why he would like them since so many of them are of areas and scenes he’s never seen. He said because they are all of the mission and are a very good representation of the Dominican Republic.

Elder Bates has a 500GB external hard drive that can connect to any computer with a USB cord. Since I started my mission I’ve taken about 9000 pictures. “My picture” file folder has 37GB in it. Elder Bates’ hard drive had no problem copying them all, it too about an hour. The laptop did all of the work, I was able to do my office duties while the files were saved on the external hard drive.

I was talking to Elder Ortiz about an Elder we met in the Provo MTC a year ago. The missionary’s name was Elder Moroni Castillo from the Ozama Stake right here in Santo Domingo (it’s on the other side of town in the East Mission). Elder Ortiz is from the Ozama Stake and I asked him if he knew Elder Castillo. He said, “I know him, he was my best friend before the mission.”

Today I received a nice phone call from Elder Conner Ruggio. He was the AP when Hna. Johnson and I arrived in the DR. He and Elder Bates were my trainers, sort of. Elder Bates much more than Elder Ruggio, only because I had more time with Elder Bates before he was transferred out of the office. (See Thursday, August 27, 2009) He is coming to the DR at the end of the week to spend a week touring the mission and seeing the sights. Hna. Johnson and I look forward to seeing our old friend Elder Ruggio.

This evening the Senior couples at FHE were in for a real treat. Once and a while the CCM (MTC) has a group of Haitians missionaries there. When they, do they form a “Haitian Choir” and the come and sing the opening hymn for the Seniors on Monday night for FHE. This group of missionaries were really good and the two hymns they sang were great. First they sang “Called To Serve” in three different languages, French, Creole and Spanish. Next they invited all of the Senior missionaries that speak French to join them. There were six, the Temple has to be staffed with both French and Spanish speaking workers. They all sang “We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet” in French. It was magnificent.

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