Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

This morning we received a phone call from Elder Conner Ruggio. All of their luggage was found and no emergency trip to the clothing store was necessary. He did ask us for a ride to church this morning. He and Haley are going to attend the Piantini Ward her in the capital because it has translation available and they also have a Gospel Doctrine class that is taught in English. We were glad to give them a ride, the Piantini chapel isn’t much out of our way.

Our detour to the Piantini Ward this morning didn’t put us behind. We arrived on time for our own Sacrament meeting at the Los Arroyos Branch. We needed to be on time because Hna. Johnson and I were two of the speakers today. Hna Johnson’s subject was on “Charity, the True Love of Christ” and my subject was on “Family Home Evening”.

Hna. Johnson doesn’t speak Spanish so when the counselor in the Branch Presidency asked us to speak he said it would be alright if Han. Johnson just bore her testimony. Well, Hna. Johnson was given a subject so she tackled the challenge of giving a real talk. She consulted material in English that the church has also published in Spanish. She wrote her talk knowing exactly what she was going to say. Then she repeatedly practiced saying all of the Spanish words correctly. In the end her talk lasted about 5 minutes and she did a great job.

After Sacrament meeting several people came up to us and commented (in Spanish) to Hna. Johnson how they enjoyed her talk and how well she spoke Spanish. During her talk the counselor in the Branch Presidency, sitting next to me, leaned over and said how well she was speaking Spanish. Well, there is a good reason why she can “Speak Spanish” so well. For over a year now, Hna. Johnson and I have been reading a chapter in the Book of Mormon in Spanish every day. She has gotten very good, after so much practice she reads Spanish perfectly.

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