Sunday, August 8, 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

This morning we left for lunch early to run down town to buy yellow flowers for the 15 centerpieces Hna. Johnson will make tomorrow. We ended up going to 4 different “Bucket Shops” and one flower shop to find everything she needs. The back of our blue Toyota Corolla was full of flowers. We bought several bunches of Alstromeria and Gladiolas last Saturday. They’ve been in our apartment opening very nicely for the past 2 days. Everything we’ve purchased has been by the bunch and all of the bunches have been very inexpensive by US standards. Everything we’ve purchased has been a third the price we would pay our wholesalers back in the states. The quality is great and they are all very fresh.

The AP’s from the South have come in from Vicente Noble for “Traslados” (Transfers) tomorrow. They have one of the mission’s pickups so they will be helping the Capital AP’s today and tomorrow with Traslados; picking up, hauling luggage, moving missionaries, etc. Elder Almonte told me today that this weekend they hit a dog out on a country road. The dog didn’t survive nor did the pickups front bumper. The pickup will require some repair but first he has to fill out a “Church Vehicle Accident Report”. The report is two pages long and very detailed and it is all in English so Elder Almonte had me help him with the translation. For example: “Other parties name?” Dog. Insurance” None. License? None. List injuries? Dead Dog. “Other party statement” Yip, etc, etc.

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