Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today was a miserable day of “Diligencias” (Errands). I started outside of Bravo looking for a parking place. I found a perfect spot right in front of the store under a large “No Estacionamiento” (No Parking) sign. I was really lucky to find it open; there were 3 other parked cars already there. When I got out of my car to run into the store (I was in a big hurry) an “AMET” Officer (Traffic Cop) called out to me and said I couldn’t park there, it was a no parking zone. I called back to the officer and said, “But what about these other cars? They are OK, I gave them permission to park there! (Sooo Dominican!)

Next I was off to pay three different bills at “Bella Vista” Mall. When I pulled into the huge parking garage I noticed that all of the prime parking spots close to the door were inexplicably roped off and guarded by a security office. Most of these prime spots were vacant so I rolled down my window and asked the guard why they were roped off? He said they were reserved for employees! He told me I would have to drive up to levels 2 thru 4 to find parking. I found a spot up on level three. (Sooo Dominican!)

Inside I had to wait in lines that should have been 30 minute long. They turned into 2 hour lines. At the “Orange” (Our cell phone provider) I was in line behind 7 other people and no one had been helped in 15 minutes. There wasn’t anyone at the service window to help customers! I finally found the manager and she told me the ONLY customer service agent was probably getting a drink of water. Counting their security guard there were 5 other employees standing around doing nothing while we waited to be helped. I finally was able to pay my bill after 45 minutes. (Sooo Dominican!)

My next stop was at “The Pastry” shop. I figured the mornings “Diligencias” couldn’t get any worse but I was wrong! Yesterday we placed an order for 60 loaves of “Pan Sobado” (Conference Bread) to be picked up at 11:00am. When I got there at 11:45 they apologized and said they put our order in the over late and for me to come back in an hour. The loaves were for the Multi-Zone conference at the La Paz chapel and they would be getting out of the meeting in 15 minutes. (Sooo Dominican!)

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