Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last week we received 8 ½ cases of hard cover Book of Mormons from Centro de Servicio. There are enough BofM’s for one for every missionary in the mission. President Almonte ordered them last December and they finally arrived. It only took 9 months for them to get here from SLC. They must have come by boat around Cape Horn, South America!

The missionaries have been teaching their lessons with “soft cover” Book of Mormons, the same ones they give away to their investigators. Last year Pres. Almonte decided that the Elders should always carry and teach from the hard cover BofM. They are much nicer in appearance and the Elders look and teach better using them. During this week’s Multi-Zone conferences all over the mission with Pres. Viñas, all of the BofM’s will be distributed to all of the missionaries. Everyone has been waiting a long time for them to get here.

All of these hard cover BofM’s are not free. Each missionary will be charged $110.00DRpesos for their copy. That is about $3.00USD. For four hours today Hna. Johnson’s only task was to go into the “Internet Mission Office System” (IMOS) and deduct the $3.00 from each missionaries “Apoyo” (Support Money). It took her so long because she has to access each missionary individually to make the deduction. She has to access the missionary, down load the files, change/deduct them, save them, and then upload the file again. The internet is so slow it took her one to two minutes per missionary. She had to repeat the process 202 times! She worked straight through without a lunch break. I did detect a little squeal of glee when she finished the last one.

At noon the electricity in our neighborhood went out for 3 hours. That isn’t unusual; it goes out for 3 to 4 hours almost every other day. In fact power outages are planned and scheduled by the government run power company called “Edesur”. What was unusual was the power went off again at about 6:00pm this evening. Two power outages in the same day means something is really wrong. Edesur usually gets the unscheduled outage fixed and restores power pretty fast.

So this evening after an hour and a half without electricity Hna. Johnson asked me to check and see if the whole neighborhood was without power or just our apartment. Our fears were realized, it was just our apartment. I spent the next three hours trying to find out what the problem was and how to get it fixed. No luck, we spent the night in a hot humid apartment.

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