Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Today in Primary at the Los Arroyos Branch Hna. Johnson’s lesson was on love. To illustrate the lesson she backed heart shaped cookies yesterday and let the children put icing and sprinkles on them today. They had a great time and did a great job considering how young the kids are. However there was a big mess to clean up. But Hna. came prepared with water and plenty of napkins.

After primary the children presented one of the cookies (the one that held up the best) to the Branch President to illustrate their love for him. He was very pleased with his cookie. He liked it a lot.

This evening we got another Webcam call from Nathan, Valerie and their daughters. Yes, we love talking on the webcam. We talked to them for an hour and twenty minutes!

Next we got a Webcam call from our grandson Joseph. As a reward for doing his homework without a fight and getting it done in a timely manner, Joseph is allowed to use the computer, webcam & e-mail. He’s a great kid. We talked to his mother, Wendy and his brother and sisters. Our son Jacob was at Stake Priesthood meeting so we didn’t get to see him. But we talked to the rest of the family and had a very good visit.

Next we called Jared and Tere on the Webcam. When they answered we got a bonus, Grandma & Grandpa Burk were there visiting and we got to talk to all of them. We ended up spending about 3 hours this evening on the Webcam. Have I mentioned that we love the Webcam?

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