Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

While Hna. slaved away in the office all morning preparing for “Traslados” (Transfers) next week, I was on the road running errands, buying vases, meeting with Pres. Almonte and repairing Hna. Johnson’s camera.

It was a very successful trip for me. I found all of the vases and supplies we didn’t get last night. I also found some very inexpensive cameras for some Elders that have lost or broken theirs. The Elders our in the “Campo” (Country) so they don’t have a chance to come to the capital and nothing is available for them out where they are serving.

On a whim I went by the camera repair shop to see if Hna. Johnson’s camera is repairable. I shattered the viewing screen a month ago when I dropped it. I was really surprised when the repairman told me he could have the screen replaced in 15 minutes! I was even more surprised by how cheap it was, only $2500.00DRPesos ($69.00USD). To buy a replacement camera would have been three or four times more expensive. I am very pleased that Hna. Johnson has her nice camera back.

A family from Duvergé came by the office today to pick up a check. They are our good friends, Alexis & Dehika and two of their daughters. Alexis had a doctor’s appointment and exam here in the capital, for the last week he hasn’t been feeling well. We had a brief but nice visit with them.

This evening we went over to Lorna & Michael Francom’s apartment, they live a few blocks away from the Temple. The Franco’s are the Area Humanitarian Missionaries. They are going home to Preston Idaho in a week after serving for two years. We had a nice long visit with them. They told us about some of the projects that they’ve been working on, some of the people from all walks of life they work with and the miracles they’ve experienced every day. I thought to myself what a wonderful job they’ve done and what a great service they’ve preformed.

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