Monday, September 7, 2009

Friday, September 04, 2009
After our visit with the barber we went next door to the Santo Domingo Temple and did an endowment session. Pam was given a set of head phones and listened to the session in English. I got to do the session in Spanish and understood just about every word. I’ll do better when I get my hearing aids back.

Every Temple in the church is different, especially their Celestial rooms. I must say that the Celestial room in the Santo Domingo Temple is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen. It rivals the London temple at the top of my list.

After our temple session Hrn. Johnson and I were asked if we would stay and do sealings. Of course we did, and it was a wonderful experience. Besides we are full time missionaries. It doesn’t really matter if we are saving the souls of the living or the dead. This is what we are supposed to be doing, making the ordinances of the gospel available to all of God’s children.

The Sealer was Bro. Briggs. All but two of us in the sealing room were English speakers and the other two brethren were bi-lingual. So Bro. Briggs attempted to say the sealing prayers in English for the sake of the non-Spanish speakers in the room. He knows the prayers in Spanish by heart but since he hadn’t done them in English in years he was a little rusty. But it was fun listening to him stumble on the pronunciation of a word or phrase in English, say it in Spanish to refresh his memory and then get it right in English. We had a wonderful time in the temple tonight.

Brother Briggs also took the time to teach us some of the significance behind some of the words in the Sealing ceremony as well as relate experiences he has had “in the presence of Angels”. Hna. Johnson and I had a wonderful evening at the temple tonight.

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