Thursday, September 24, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

While I was on the road with the office elders working on the move, Hna Johnson’s computer was finally fixed by Carlos Rubio, the church’s computer expert for the whole Caribbean Area. At least we hope it is fixed. Usually when Bro. Rubio comes to the office to work on the office computers, he causes more problems than he fixes. We’ll see how things look tomorrow.

But speaking of Hna. Johnson. She got fun mail today! A package arrived in the mail from Nathan and Valerie. Hna. Johnson was like a kid on Christmas morning opening presents. We asked Nathan to send batteries for her camera weeks ago, so they were in the package. But there were other things she wasn’t expecting. Valerie sent her two puzzle books, her favorites. And the best of all; Sammy, Lizzy & Rachel all sent hand drawn pictures for Grandma, some where even signed! Fun mail from home is always the best!

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