Thursday, September 24, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

Last night Hna. Johnson went to bed as soon as we arrived back at the Azua office because she had a terrible headache. However she wasn’t able to sleep because the power had been off in the house for hours before we arrived and our bedroom as well as the whole house was very hot. The power finally came back on at ten minutes to midnight, so we were both finally able to fall asleep once the air conditioning came back on.

On our way back to the capital we made a stop at the Sisters apartment in Bani to deliver an ironing board to them. You might think this would be an easy task but you’d be wrong. First, directions are very hard to understand in Spanish over a cell phone. Second streets don’t have signs saying what the streets name is. Third, we don’t know where the sisters live. Fourth, the sisters don’t know where they live! They don’t north from south so they could only give directions like, “turn left at the yellow 2 story building”, etc. It was a real adventure but we finally found the apartment.

Back at work in the mission office we received word from President Almonte that the 2 Elders whose apartment is in the Los Alcarrizos 3rd Ward must move out as soon as possible. We spent the rest of the day helping find them a new apartment and preparing a mountain of paperwork. Opening a new apartment for Elders is time consuming and very difficult. It is complicated by the fact that two sets of lawyers are usually involved. Then we have to “Close” the apartment they are moving out of. This too is very time consuming and requires another mountain of paper work. But if we can get all of the contracts signed and delivered, all of the utilities signed and turned on, deposit checks signed and delivered, the Elders will be moved by tomorrow.

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