Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wow, 15 hours on the road today. Normally the drive to Azua takes us about 2 hours, this morning it only took us 1 hour 15 minutes. Then we went on to Neyba and got there in record time, all because of the light traffic so early in the morning.

Today was a very long day in the work of the Lord but we got everything done we planned. We dropped off supplies, mail and treats (fudge brownies) to the AP’s in Vicente Noble. We attended services in Neyba, we visited Duverge and delivered the mail, supplies and treats (fudge brownies) to the 8 Elders in both communities and we visited the homes of three less active members of the Neyba Branch after church. We made and ate ham sandwiches under a shade tree in the central plaza in downtown Neyba. On our way back to the capital we delivered mail and supplies to the 10 Elders in the communities of Azua and Bani. We met with a duaƱo (landlord) to inspect, do the paper work and approve a possible new apartment for the Elders to rent in Bani.

While driving I dodged a thousand motorbikes, ten thousand pot holes in the road (no kidding), hundreds of animals on the road like goats, cows, horses, donkeys, chickens, dogs and an occasional pig. I navigated our vehicle around a washed out bridge and 7 different sections of road washed out by flood water; all without incident. So all-in-all it was a very good day for Hna. Johnson and I in the service of the lord.

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