Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pam’s E-mail sent to her family - Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Buenos noches mi familia,
It is in the evening, tho it might not be when you receive this mail. We are doing well, we had 2 fun surprises from Jared, Tere, and Jacob, Nathan, and Valerie when we were in Azua Sunday night. David has found a way to get the internet and he woke me up to tell me that Tere was on the web cam. Then the other Johnsons started calling. It was great.
We had another long weekend by going to Neyba and Duverge. We traveled with Pres. y Hna. Almonte to these towns where Dad was called to be the branch president of both towns. Pres. Almonte seems to think that we will do a great work at both these places, no pressure there! Pres. Almonte drives like a true Dominican. When we were leaving Monday morning he said that I wouldn’t have to be in the same car with him anymore, I tried not to look too worried during our rides but I must have failed.
This morning I made a large apple cobbler (for one Elder loves apple pie but I have yet to find a pie pan). It was mainly for Elder Jimenez for he asked if I make fruit cakes/pies because I kept bring in brownies, cakes and donuts for the Elders. You could actually hear the glee on the phone when Elder Johnson asked him not to leave this morning until we got there. It was all gone within a matter of minutes so I guess it was good. (I never got a taste but the elders had big smiles)
Mom and Dad, your trip sounded like it was a good one. I am glad that your car did well and that the visits were great.
David and I are still soaking up the culture and the interesting things we see. This last week we had a huge rain storm, Elder Johnson and the office Elders were out in it. When things quieted down a bit David said that I would never guess what was in the water puddles in one of the streets. And he was right. I know that he put the picture in the blog, it is the one with the pigs. It is so funny, because you still see horse pulled carriages, cows, horses, chickens, goats all grazing and in downtown areas. It is a hoot!
I hope everyone is doing well. The web cams are great and I would really like to see all of you and your families more on them. We are so excited that this weekend is General Conference. We will not be traveling into the campo so it will be nice to stay in the capitol and hear it in English. Spanish is a beautiful language but I am craving for English and to hear from the general authorities. I missed some of the women’s conference. We were not able to hear Sister Beck’s talk without a lot of breaking up on the internet but got to hear almost all the rest.
Take care everyone. I will probably send out some letters to mi nietos (my grandchildren). We love you. Don’t forget General Conference, it is indeed a blessing to hear from prophets and apostles.
Shrek and Donkey

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