Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009
As we drove the road around Lake Enriquillo I pulled into a roadside rest after I saw a sign that said “Caution, Iguana Crossing”. Sure enough there were Iguanas there. There was a bus stopped and other passenger cars there to see the iguanas. These Iguanas know why cars stop; they know they are going to get fed. I had a cookie and through pieces and they came running. Hna. Johnson went to our ice chest and grabbed a head of lettuce to feed them. Now these are very tourist savvy iguanas. They know exactly what a head of lettuce sounds like when it is being ripped apart and 4 of them charged Hna. Johnson! She loves all kinds of lizards but these things are over 4 feet long! She shrieked, through the lettuce in their direction and ran for the safety of the front seat of the car. While they feasted on lettuce I was able to take a lot of close up pictures. It was great.

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