Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This morning we received a call from the four Sisters in Herrera Ward. They need desks, chairs and plumbing problems fixed. So the two office Elder, Bates and Almonte and I were off before noon to the Sister’s apartment. We got the desks assembled with some difficulty, considering we had the wrong parts and almost no tools. But the job got done. The plumbing problems are a problem. Without any tools I couldn’t fix the 3 different leaks. We will have to call a real plumber this afternoon to do the job.

This afternoon we were able to finish the move of the Elders in Los Alcarrizos III Ward. It took all afternoon and into the evening but the documents were all signed and delivered. We spent a whole hour at the home of the Lawyer for the Landlord. He picked apart every sentence of our standard 2 page rental contract. He would read a line and say something like, this won’t due, we can’t agree to this or why is this here? Every time we would patiently explain that this is a “Form” contract intended to be used by us for ALL of our rented apartments and that we can’t change anything. He would grumble and say something like, well OK, then read the next line or two and start the process all over. In the end we didn’t change a thing and he finally agreed that the landlord could sign it.

This afternoon’s apartment move was done during a thunder storm, a real gulley washer. This was the first really big tropical storm I’ve been in since arriving in the Dominican Republic two months ago. It was actually a great storm. The lightning was striking all around us while we moved furniture to and from the apartments. It was really a spectacular light show. Of course we were all soaked but it was worth it.

Since I was out so late with the apartment move, Hna. Johnson had to walk home by herself in the torrential down pour. She was soaked to the bone too. At least the lightning had stopped by then so it was a little safer. By the time I got home (about 7:30pm) her clothes were all hung out to dry, they were still very wet.

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