Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Late tonight I fired up the laptop computer to write in my journal. To my surprise I simultaneously received two webcam calls, one from Tere, Jared & boys and the other from Valerie, Nathan and girls. They had to take turns of course, plus Jacob, Wendy and kids were at N&V’s house too. It was great to see and talk to all three families. The webcam is wonderful. I think the Lord had a hand in its invention just so more senior couples would be willing to serve full time mission all over the world! We love all o four children and grandchildren and relish each opportunity to see and talk to them on the internet.

Last week was the first time I actually got the internet to connect to my laptop computer. I was unable to get streaming video to work so Hna. Johnson could watch the Women’s Conference last night. Streaming audio worked OK so she could listen to the conference fine. Well, tonight when I turned on the laptop I was delighted to discover that the streaming video for the webcams works great! Of course we did have some technical difficulties but it really did work! We were able to see and hear our grandchildren live. What a wonderful piece of technology.

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