Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sacrament meeting in Duverge was standing room only again. I was invited to stand in the circle as Hna. Rodi Perez was confirmed a member of the church. She is one of the 2 sisters & 1 cousin that have a genetic defect. From the neck up they are normal women. But their arms, legs, feet, hands and bodies are twisted and misshapen. Hna. Johnson asked Elder Hernandez where they baptize people in Duverge. He said there is a river that runs through the town with pools of water large enough to do baptism. However on Saturday evening they baptized Rodi Perez in a bathtub!

Rodi, her sister and cousin are wonderful members of the church. They attend every Sunday and have a wonderful spirit about them. However the only way they can attend every Sunday is with the Elder’s help. They push them in their wheel chairs the mile each way to and from church. On the weeks we attend, I break the mission rule that says missionaries are not allowed to give rides to members or investigators and I give all three a ride home. The pickup bed is just right for hauling miniature wheel chairs and their occupants.

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